Anand Vihar RRTS will be a one-of-a-kind metro station

Jul 19, 2022 C.W. Team

The future Anand Vihar RRTS station in the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS corridor will have the distinction of being the only RRTS station to be built just one level below ground level. The seamless transition of passengers from one mode of transportation to another will be made possible by this distinctive station design. Two levels below the surface, a standard underground commuter station is being built, making it deep enough. Because the Anand Vihar RRTS station would be only 8m deep, it will be a unique structure and a technical marvel. The station was to be built 15 m below the surface in the detailed design. The RRTS corridor, however, could not be built due to the pre-existing base of metro infrastructure. Thus, the hall level was moved to ground level and the Anand Vihar RRTS station was redesigned into an 8m deep station.

Following a renovation, the station is now being built just below the basement of the existing Anand Vihar metro station. From a building and civil engineering perspective, this is a very difficult task, but since the NCRTC is dedicated to passenger comfort, it achieves this by using new technologies, strategic planning and cutting-edge approaches. .

This station is built from the top down, which means that the ground level will be built first, then the underground level. Using a tunnel boring machine (Sudarshan), four tunnels are being built for the corridor to allow passage from both sides of the station. 35 m wide and 297 m long will constitute the Anand Vihar RRTS station.

Bonny J. Streater