Geneva metro electrical replacement project to begin end of August – Shaw Local

Geneva will improve the reliability of electrical service by replacing underground utility cables in four areas of the city from the end of the month.

Areas of the 2022-2023 Underground Electrical Replacement Program include:

  • South Street (Gary and Sheila lanes)
  • Hill Road and Whitfield Drive
  • Burgess Road area (Sherman Avenue, West Street, Millbrook Court and Radnor Court)
  • Fabyan Parkway from Kane County Electronics Recycling Center to Settler’s Hill Entrance

Utility Dynamics, the city’s contractor, is scheduled to begin work Monday August 29 on South Street and Tuesday September 6 on Hill Road, weather permitting. Construction of the remaining two areas will begin later this fall.

Crews will be installing conduits through utility easements and the public right-of-way over the next several months. Electrical transformers, plinths and streetlights will also be replaced.

This winter, the contractor will connect the houses to the new equipment. Scheduled power outages will be required as part of the project.

Final landscape restoration will begin in the spring.

A map of the project and additional information are available at Questions can be directed to Electronic Distribution, Build, and Service Division Manager Jennifer Hilkemann at 630-232-1503 or [email protected]

Bonny J. Streater