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The underground connection was listed as a key project in JSW’s “Strategy to 2030”.

– We want to complete the project within the next three years. In order to connect the “Aniołki” shaft in the Knurów section with the VI shaft of the Budryk mine, we will have to dig approx. 6,900 meters of works, including 1,800 meters of gallery works and 5,100 meters of coal works. A total of four stopes will be excavated at the same time, three at the Knurów section and one at KWK Budryk – says Jarosław Rutkowski, project coordinator. – Underground works are not the only ones to be carried out. A lot of work needs to be done in the “Aniołki” well itself. This is primarily related to the decommissioning of currently installed well equipment, including hauling in the well pipe, decommissioning of entrances to individual levels and installation of new pipelines, as well as the installation of a new more efficient main ventilation station. – adds Jarosław Rutkowski.

Underground connections between the two mines of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa are common practice. The Borynia, Zofiówka and Jastrzębie-Bzie sections are connected, and the Knurów section is connected with the Szczygłowice section. Now is the time to connect KWK Budryk to the Knurów section.

Connecting the two mines is an alternative to constructing a new uphole in the western part of the KWK Budryk mining area. Shaft IV was in the plans at the design stage of construction of the Budryk mine, but for economic reasons it was not built.

However, the development of the mine and the descent of mining below the 1,050 meter level to the west has forced the search for alternatives to Shaft IV at KWK Budryk. The possibility of using the ventilation shafts of the neighboring mines: Knurów-Szczygłowice and Sośnica was analysed. The most favorable solution turned out to be the idea of ​​connecting the ventilation shaft of KWK Budryk with the ventilation shaft of KWK Knurów-Szczygłowice called “Aniołki”, located about 2 km in a straight line from the border of mining “Ornontowice I”. area at KWK Budryk.

Already in 2013, analyzes were carried out on the levels of natural hazards at KWK Knurów-Szczygłowice and KWK Budryk and the impact of the ventilation connection of these mines on their reduction. At this time, the mines estimated the preliminary costs for the work and modernization of the “Aniołki” shaft, and even determined the method of carrying out the project. Unfortunately, due to the difficult situation in the mining sector in 2015, work on the project was interrupted.

In February 2021, the idea of ​​a ventilation connection between KWK Budryk and the Knurów section was revived. The JSW Board of Directors appointed a team to analyze the possibility of improving the efficiency of the use of the resource base, improving the management of the ventilation network, improving the economic efficiency of the coal extraction and optimize production processes thanks to the ventilation connection.

The results of the team’s work showed unequivocally that a ventilation connection between the two plants is a much cheaper solution than building a new ventilation shaft at KWK Budryk. Also, due to the increased airflow, the level of danger from methane will decrease. The project will also stabilize the ventilation networks of KWK Budryk and allow the extraction of larger quantities of coal. With the connection, by lowering the dry air temperature below 28°C, the climatic conditions in the two mines will also be considerably improved. In the mined area “A” of KWK Budryk, it will increase the efficiency of working time and improve the comfort of the team working there. Additionally, the connection provides the ability to direct coal transport between mines and will significantly reduce existing costs by connecting pipelines for methane drainage, water, backfill, water drainage and air. compressed.

Bonny J. Streater