New building under construction at Grandview Yard

Construction work is well underway on a new five-storey building at Grandview Yard. Located on the northeast corner of Yard Street and Williams Avenue, the building will contain 40,000 square feet of office space on the ground floor, with 132 apartments above.

Called the Morrison, the new building sits next to an existing four-level parking garage and just south of the offices occupied by Nationwide.

Carli Lanfersiek of Nationwide Realty Investors (NRI), the developer of Grandview Yard, said the building is on track for completion in early 2023.

“There is a high demand for space at Grandview Yard, and occupancy is nearing capacity,” she added. “The Morrison project will help increase office availability to meet continued demand.”

Work has yet to begin, however, on a previously announced office building that was to fill another parcel of undeveloped land on Yard Street, south of the new Morrison Building. Called 840 Yard Street, this project was announced in 2019 along with the two Kipton apartment buildings, which were completed in early 2021.

Lanfesiek said the building at 840 Yard Street is still part of Grandview Yard’s master plan.

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A recent drone shot of the construction site, looking northeast – courtesy of NRI.
A view of the Morrison Building under construction, with other buildings in Grandview Yard surrounding it and the town center in the background – Courtesy of NRI.

Bonny J. Streater