Police seize cannabis and weapons in Gatineau, Quebec. underground economy survey

A Gatineau woman is facing multiple charges after police seized prohibited weapons, cannabis and cannabis edibles like gummies, chocolate and beverages.

Police executed search warrants at a house on Fontaine Street in the Hull area on April 6 after a week-long investigation into the underground cannabis economy.

Police seized cannabis, cannabis in the form of hashish and home edibles, including 2,938 grams of gummies, 2,078 grams of chocolate and 2,800 ml of cannabis drinks, as well as brass knuckles , a brass knuckles, a conducted energy weapon, two cell phones and a vehicle.

Police say the woman will face charges of producing and selling cannabis, possession of drugs and possession of a prohibited weapon.

Parents are encouraged to have a “frank conversation” with their teens about the dangers and risks associated with edibles. Police say illicit cannabis products are periodically found in Gatineau high schools, including in the form of candy, chocolate or vaporizers.

“The candy packets are considered particularly dangerous as they mimic wrappers typically intended for children, and therefore could end up in their hands,” police said.

“These seemingly harmless gummies can cause serious poisoning if ingested by children. It is difficult to detect with the naked eye whether it is a simple candy or whether it contains cannabis.”

Bonny J. Streater