Premier begins construction of a pit and basement in Arturo | Mining

This new technology could offer an opportunity to reduce operating costs and improve safety. Mine development capital in 2018 for Phase 1, on a 100 percent basis, is planned for $ 17 million and $ 90 million for the entire project.

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The bulk material from Phase 1 will be in storage, pending a decision on whether to proceed with a processing facility on the joint venture property. This has the potential to add to future resources and reserves, and subsequent production, at South Arturo.

El Niño underground project

The El Nino underground deposit is the in-depth extension of the phase 2 pit which was mined in 2016-2017. Earthworks, including backfilling of the Phase 2 pit, have been completed and full construction of the El Nino mine will begin in July 2018 with 2018 capital costs estimated at $ 7.4 million over a period of 100% basis and $ 36.4 million for the entire project. Following the development of the upper mineralized zones, underground exploration will be initiated to identify additional mineralization, which remains open at depth and locally along strike.

EA for Cove THUNDER BAY, Ontario – Premier Gold Mines Ltd. filed a technical report for the Cove project, a 100 percent owned property located near Battle Mountain.

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