Thinking of taking the London Underground on Monday? Think Again (Incoming Tube Strike)

While we are having a wonderful Jubilee weekend (well, not for your writer who finds himself stuck while his car is being fixed) it seems that the RMT union is organizing a strike against London Underground.

The strike is over staff cuts at stations, with Transport for London seeking to cut 600 jobs across the network.

According to TfL, they advise the following:

Monday, June 6:

  • Many metro stations will be closed all day
  • If you must travel, try to do so after 8:00 a.m. and finish your trip before 6:00 p.m.
  • Rail services will operate but many stations, especially those in the center, will be closed
  • The strike should not affect the new Elizabeth line, which is not a metro service. However, services may be busier than usual, so check before you travel

Tuesday, June 7:

  • Some stations may still be closed at the start of the day
  • If you must travel, try to do so after 08:00

Buses, national rail services (including the Elizabeth line), DLR, trams, boats and even the Dangleway will operate as normal, along with your own feet and bikes to navigate central London.

What to expect

With some of London’s main thoroughfares out of service, people will be looking for alternative methods of getting from A to B. As such, buses are likely to be stuck all day. The Elizabeth Line will also be rammed (along with Thameslink), being the main means of transporting people through the city (and indeed, the new line’s first real stress test.

Taxis will be scarce throughout the day and if Ola/Bolt/Uber doesn’t charge peak prices I’ll be honestly surprised.

Also, if you are using National Rail and other TfL services from stations also served by the London Underground, check before you travel for possible station closures.

TFL tips

It’s not rosy, that’s an understatement.

The TfL Strike page is at

Coming to and from London Heathrow?

The Piccadilly line will be impacted by the strikes and therefore the services will be impacted, Your choices will be:

  • The Elizabeth line between Heathrow and Paddington
  • Heathrow Express between Heathrow and Paddington
  • National Express and Friends

Note that there will be no acceptance of tickets during these strikes. Standard fares and charges will apply for alternate routes.

In inverted commas

General Secretary Mick Lynch of the Rail and Maritime Transport Union said:

“TfL is trying to bulldoze 600 London Underground job cuts and our members are not ready to accept this.

“Station staff play a crucial role in serving the traveling public and were heroes during the 7/7 terrorist attacks.

“Instead of looking to cut jobs, TfL and Mayor Sadiq Khan must put extra pressure on the government to get more funding for the network so we can have a modern, staffed 21st century tube. adequate.”

Andy Lord, Chief Operating Officer of TfL, said:

“I would like to apologize to our customers for the disappointing RMT strike on Monday 6th June which will have a significant impact on the Tube network and we advise people to travel only if necessary on this day. , as many stations may be closed. Alternatives to the metro, including bus and train networks, are likely to be much busier than usual. We expect the severe disruption caused by this strike to continue in the morning of Tuesday, June 7 and I’m sorry for the impact this will have on people’s movements next week.

“This strike is particularly frustrating because no changes have been proposed to pensions and no one has lost or will lose their jobs as a result of the proposals we have made. We urge the RMT to call off this strike and work with us to find a solution and avoid the disruption this strike will cause to people’s movements and the economy.

Planning won’t help you much. But it’s a good idea

Metro strikes never help the traveler or commuter. For those used to working from home and committed to “agile working,” this is the perfect excuse to work from home.

For those visiting the city, I have a simple advice – London is very walkable. It will also be the fastest way to get around the city, unless you are traveling a long distance in zone 1.

If you are brave there is always the bike rental scheme, although I expect it to be quite rare as people hang on to it all day.

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