Visit of the masterpiece of underground architecture

The University of Pars, an independent institution of higher education in art and architecture based in Tehran, is organizing a tour of the Central Library of Science and Technology.

Located on Heydarkhani Street in Tehran, the library, which is owned by Iranian University of Science and Technology, was built in 2008. The unique library is famous for its central core, a cubic structure with the sky above it. and water below, according to Memar News (, a local architectural news site.

The visit is a wonderful trip underground. He will be assisted by Farhad Ahmadi, 66, the architect who designed the library. He is the designer architect of other notable buildings including the Isfahan International Cultural Center, Iranian Embassy in South Korea, and Dezful Cultural Center in Khuzestan Province.

The Central Science and Technology Library covers an area of ​​12,000 square meters. It was designed to be viewed as landscape architecture with minimal interference with its surrounding structures which are a mosque, a front door, and the College of Computer Engineering.

As such, it was decided that the library would be built underground, with a median void from a cube, around which all other spaces are arranged.

The facade of the building is a platform facing the sky. It is crisscrossed at regular intervals with trenches of green plants. The platform covers the rooms of the library located below. To illuminate the halls, deep channels are dug in the facade.

The visit to the library is scheduled for July 31 and is open to the public. They are required to request the tour by SMS to 09364948076. The tour begins at 3:00 p.m. at the premises of the University of Pars, located on 2nd Street, North Kargar Street. With the exception of a $ 1.3 bus ticket, the event is free.

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